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Rajwan Abu Ghosh Tennis Club

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The Abu Gosh Tennis Club is part of a large and innovative sports center located west of the village of Abu Gush and bordering the Neve Ilan interchange. The club includes 4 new high-quality pitches with advanced LED lighting and a computerized and automatic pitch reservation and rental system.

The club combines a tennis school for all levels and ages, court rentals and diverse activities for the general public


Esnat Rajoan, Rami Zelikovich and the professional team with them, see sport in general and tennis in particular as a language that bridges cultures, between ages and crosses language and sectors. In their vision, the Abu Gush Club is seen as a symbol of coexistence between Jews and Arabs and of cooperation that will work to bring respect and significant recognition to Abu Gush and the nearby neighborhoods.

Beyond the professional tools, we impart values of respect for others, fairness, striving for excellence and a healthy lifestyle. These tools are applied on and off the field in life itself.


Development process

Step 1 - the process that begins with imparting basic ball control ability. The immediate and clear goal is to reach the ability to manage a game in a reasonable and stable manner at the minimum speed. The focus is less on technical elements and more on coordinative elements. Usually, the trainings are held twice a week for 45 minutes per training. Phase 2 - Beginning of a competitive phase. Beginners go to red ball mini tennis competitions, switch to orange ball on 3/4 court and advanced players play on a full court. At this stage it is recommended to train 3 times a week or increase the duration of training to a full hour. Step 3 - Advanced competitive program 3-4 weekly trainings on a special track that includes increased fitness training Adults training groups - 4 in a group for weekly sessions of one hour. The groups are divided by level of play. Private lessons in coordination with the coach.

Training Philosophy

The game of tennis requires the ability to adapt to countless changing situations. Our first goal is for every player to be able to manage a game independently from the very first stages of development. To this end, in contrast to the traditional approach that is based on the hitting technique, we believe in skills that include coordination and perception of space, with most of the components referring to what happens in the time period before the hitting itself. In later stages and while controlling high percentages of success, which means stability and accuracy at the same time as improving self-confidence, the player progresses to improving technical skills that contribute to strength, rotation of the ball and elements of fitness required at the higher level. Already at a fairly early stage we add the competitive element which usually generates a higher motivation to move forward.

Management Team

Asnat Rajwan – the living spirit that has been running the club for decades and combines social and achievement programs. Under her direct management, she nurtured generations of players, some of whom are ranked nationally and even internationally. Asanat, who herself was one of the top tennis players in Israel, trains with a unique method that she developed over the years. The method gives each player the best tools on the field and in life in general, and the thousands of players who have developed with it will testify to this.

Rami Zelikovitz – tennis coach and manager for 40 years, manager of the national competition round “Israel Round” in which hundreds of children from all over the country compete at all levels and ages. He managed clubs and coached at all levels, in Israel and the USA. Rami manages the Alder Bernir association that sponsors the management of the club. During his 19 years in the USA he was a member of the American USPTA organization, participated in dozens of conferences, appeared in lectures and published articles. For years he was involved in developing a method that balances physical, tactical and mental elements in all stages of development.

Court Hire

To book courts, download our app

We have 4 new pitches with the most advanced LED lighting. For your convenience, booking a lot is done through the Lazoz app. The gates are computerized and open at the designated time according to a code. Download an app and within seconds you can reserve a court.

Opening hours: 7 days a week from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m

The association named after Elder Bernir

Elder lost his life in a car accident on October 16, 2008, on the second day of Sukkot. The association continues its path in organizing sports activities and competitions in the field of tennis and the sporting spirit it instilled. Elder was born on November 21, 1964 in Tel Aviv, the eldest son of his parents Ora and Louie (Sharga). The late Bernir. Until the age of 12, as the son of diplomats, Elder accompanied his parents on missions on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Zaire, Cambodia and Belgium. After that he lived in Kiryat Ono until he was drafted into the army.

Elder was blessed with talents, he loved to draw and write, but from a young age his “loves of life” were tennis and music, especially playing the guitar. As a teenager, Elder participated in many tennis competitions, in which he also won the Kiryat Ono tennis championship. Already as a teenager he showed an interest in tennis coaching, and at the age of 17 he took a tennis coaching course and began coaching children at the tennis club in Kiryat Ono.

In 1983, after finishing high school, he enlisted in the army and served as a fighter in Golani’s Orev patrol, among other things, he participated in the First Lebanon War. After his release from the IDF in 1986, he successfully completed the “Certified Tennis Coach” course at the Wingate Institute and worked as a coach at the Jaffa Tennis Center.

In 1988, Elder took a break from playing tennis and went to Spain where he lived for a year and a half, where he learned how to play the guitar in the flamenco style, a style that captured his heart for many years. Upon his return from Spain in the early nineties, he simultaneously worked as a guitar teacher, flamenco guitarist and tennis coach. For four years, he served as head tennis coach at the Neve Sharet Country Club in Tel Aviv, at the Maccabi Rehovot Tennis Club and at the Ramat Hasharon Tennis Center, and accumulated extensive professional and managerial knowledge. During these years Elder lived in Moshav Barothim. In 2005, Elder decided to set out on his own, and founded the Kfar Truman Tennis School, where both children and adults learned and played tennis. Little by little he acquired a reputation and opened tennis clubs in other towns in the Modi’in region, in which about 300 children from the age of 4 to adults took part.

A year later, he moved his residence to Kfar Daniel, in order to be closer to the seats where the tennis schools he founded operated. Elder was greatly appreciated and admired by the hundreds of parents and trainees in the tennis circles for his professionalism, dedication and personal and warm attitude to each and every student in the circle. As part of the tennis school he established and managed, Elder made sure to impart to his young students the values of tolerance, friendship, fairness and sportsmanship and ensured social cohesion by organizing many activities that went beyond the teaching of tennis such as trips to different places in the country and more.

Elder was devoted to his family, friends and students and his death left his loved ones shocked and pained. Elder is survived by his parents, a sister and a son.